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Azure App

Microsoft just released an app for managing the admin azure portal. Quite a cool one, standard Windows 10 app look & feel, no bugs after I run it for the first time, so I...

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MVP Award for 2017

Yesterday I received a nice email from MVP Award program. “We are once again pleased to present you with the 2017-2018 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award! As you know, this award is given...


New MSCE Certifications, changes in the old one

Microsoft released new kind of certification. For me it was a little bit surprise, because in my inbox just appear two emails, that I am MSCE for Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and MSCE for...


Review of LepideAuditor Suite

I hope there is no need to explain why we have to audit Active Directory and Group Policy Objects. While testing third-party auditing solutions from different auditors, I got a chance to get hands-on...


MVP Award for 2016

Yesterday I recieved nice email from MVP award program, I would like to thank to Microsoft, I really appreciate this and would try to do my best next year.
Thanks for giving me the chance to continue with things I like.